“Proud” Moment

This is me at Pride in the ‘Peake with Virginia Senator and Senate President Louise Lucas.
I attended several events to support Senator Lucas during her primary, and was always extraordinarily impressed by her knowledge of the issues and firm support for keeping LGBTQ+ friends safe and protected from bigotry. Senator Lucas is also a proud defender of abortion rights and the rights for people to make their own reproductive and medical decisions.  We are so thankful for her leadership and compassion.
Melanie Cornelisse is a member of COVA Coalition’s Leadership Team. She is the co-lead for the Chesapeake/Suffolk chapter of Moms Demand Action for Gun Violence.  Melanie also works on voter registration and access, safety for ALL our kids in public schools and promotion of arts and literature.  She works as a seamstress and artist and loves to read, make things and watch movies.

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