VB School Board CTA

Sign up to speak. SHOW UP to demonstrate your opposition and support school librarians. And then vote the extremists OUT this NOVEMBER! Enough is enough.

Leap for Joy! It's a
Postcard Work Party

Location: Three Notch’d Town Center

There are still voters in rural parts of Congressional District 2 who don’t know they’ve been redistricted? 

Let’s help educate some voters who will turn out to help the Dems flip the House of Representatives and send Speaker Mike Johnson packing in November!  

Voter Education Events

Voter Reg Drive

Help voters learn about their districts, important dates, and check registrations. We provide everything you need and you can volunteer with another member to make it FUN! 

Events include farmers markers, festivals and block parties. Sign up via Google Forms.

Check out these links to find actions on your own:

Mobilize is like Eventbrite for organizations and candidates. You can find events and petitions based on your zip code. Some can be done from your home.

When you sign up on the site, it sends you reminders and directions. 

Once you create a mobilize account, you can use it for any group that is enrolled.

Check out COVA Coalition’s own Action Network page. We will put all meetings, calls to actions and events on this page. 

Use your Action Network account to RSVP or open links. 

Must have an account.

Swing Left started as Flippable in 2017. Similar to Mobilize, it’s a platform used by groups and candidates. 

You can search for any actions across the US.

You must create a Swing Left account to register for any of their actions. 

Virginia Grassroots supports progressive issues and candidates. 

Their actions aren’t searchable by zip code, but they are all important for a progressive  commonwealth. 

Network NOVA and COVA Coalition are member organizations.

They link to many different platforms for registering. 

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