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Join like-minded women of all stripes and political affiliations who are ready to take action to protest our freedoms.

To determine when and if we become mothers

Reproductive freedom is under attack at every level.

We're in it for the long game, including supporting a Virginia Constitutional Amendment to codify abortion rights.

To access schools that teach complete and inclusive history

The culture war has arrived in Virginia public schools.

Our school boards need to adopt policies that reflect the majority of parents, not just the vocal few. We need to get more involved.

To raise children without fear of gun violence

Gun violence is now the leading cause of death for American children.

Thoughts and prayers are not enough. We will work for common sense gun reform.

About Us

We’re COVA Coalition and we’re no snowflakes. 

Many of us have been activists for years. Others are just getting involved. None of are on the sidelines anymore.

COVA Coalition helps you stay informed and introduces you to actions you can take to help protect our freedoms.

A Network NOVA Affiliate

COVA Coalition has joined forces with the badass women of Network NOVA, a grassroots organizing hub. You may know them for the Friday Power Lunch, Postcards 4VA or the annual Women’s Summit.

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