Women’s Summit

Well, that was something! About 700 women gathered for Network NOVA’s 7th Annual Women’s Summit July 21-23 in McLean, VA. We used the time for networking, attending workshops and listening to amazing speakers.

On the agenda? Primarily rallying the crowd of grassroots activists to get busy for the upcoming state elections. Issue advocates helped us understand what’s at stake, and candidates described their visions for change.

Blue Virginia captured some great photos here. And please check out the Loud and Proud panel featuring our own Delegates Jackie Glass and Cia Price. Don’t miss this important vocabulary lesson from Loudon County Chair Phyllis Randall.

Workshops covered everything from rural organizing and crafting persuasive messaging to reparations and reproductive rights.

It was a weekend packed with resources, equipping the women (and men) in attendance to lead us to victory in November. 

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